Aurélien Sallin

Aurélien Sallin

PhD Candidate

University of St. Gallen


I am an applied economist and data scientist at the Swiss Institute for Empirical Research of the University of St. Gallen. I recently graduated from the Graduate Programme in Economics and Finance (GPEF) of the University of St. Gallen.

My research lies at the intersection of labor and education economics, health economics, and applied causal machine learning, with the aim of thorough policy evaluation and meaningful policy recommendation. In my thesis, I investigate the situation of students from minority groups (such as gifted students or students with special needs) in inclusive educational settings.

In addition to my research in Economics, I am a philosopher and trained Logic-based therapist with the NPCA. I am engaged in working on problems of climate grief and “climate-friendly” virtues. When not coding or writing, you’ll find me running or biking, cooking, baking sourdough bread, or collaborating on the Intergifted project with my wife Jennifer.

  • Applied Labor, Education, and Health Economics
  • (Causal) Machine Learning
  • Computational Text Analysis
  • Policy Evaluation
  • Microeconometrics

Publications and Research

(2022). Missing stars: Gender differences in giftedness assessments. Work in progress.

(2022). The Earth is Not Flat: A New World of High-Dimensional Peer Effects. Working paper.

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(2021). High-Ability Influencers? The Heterogeneous Effects of Gifted Classmates. Journal of Human Resources.

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(2021). Pill mills and the case of Florida. Work in progress.